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Repairs of electronic devices and much more

At JPT we love to look after your electronic devices, if we know about it then we most likely have encountered it and can fix it.
We explore new ways to see what’s working and fix what’s not.
These are some of the services we offer, but give us a call, send us a message or drop us an email for all inquiries (we are friendly geeks you have nothing to fear)

PC & MAC Computers

Looking for the perfect office or gaming pc for you or your company?
We at JPT offer a custom build and repair services for all your needs.

Laptop Macbook Repair

We understand the importance of your laptop and the data inside, our goal is to diagnose and fix your laptop fastest we can, for bring you back online and working asap.

Smartphone Repair

Staying connected on the go is important, don't let an accident stop you!
Send us your broken phone and we will repair it as fast as possible.

Tablet – IPad Repair

Your tablet is way more comfortable than your laptop, and with us you can fix it without problem.

Data Recovery

Data are crucial, if your computer or device is dead, we do our best for recover all your data and give it back to you. We care about your history, do not lose it.

Console Repair

Your favorite game is no longer working? Probably is your console's reader broken. We can fix it for you, don't waste time, you have the last level to defeat.