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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes across various industries, and we support them all. From guidance about what solutions to set up to meet with your business technology needs to the implementation and Support, we have a solution to suit you. Below gives an overview of some of the key services we offer.


Testing electronic devices making sure they are fully functional with a full detailed report of any faults, 
If you're an online retailer this service can reduce your return rate drastically.


A full repair and refurbishment service for all electronic devices, if you sell refurbished goods or would like an office upgrade this service is for you.


We can provide and setup UK warehouse fulfillment centers and all your selling need's, provided by our professional e-commerce sales team with years of experience.


You're own dedicated, managed warranty service for your refurbished or new goods removing the hassle of returns and providing your customers with extraordinary service. 

Why choose JPT for your business?

B2B Discount

Major price discounts and savings for business accounts including a fixed discount rate on all repairs.


As a B2B Client, you will receive a prioritised outstanding, quality service carried out by our qualified technicians and admin team.

Dedicated professional tech advice

Technology is growing very fast, and your business needs to be up to date and running smoothly.
We check the market for the latest technology EVERY day, so we can provide you with the support you require.

Data Security

Your data is very important!!
We take data security very seriously and can assure you your data will always be encrypted and backups are all secured on our own dedicated/Managed servers and compliant with GDPR regulations.

Dedicated account manager

You will receive a dedicated account manager who would be your main contact for all inquiries and account management  

Credit Account

A credit account is provided to our clients allowing some breathing space so you could grow your business  (Subject to credit check) 

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